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From Berlin with Love


The first DIY project on this blog has been inspired by a Nasty Gal skirt I recently fell in love with. I liked the idea of having a pattern made up of little illustrations, but wanted to mix it up. Instead, I’m getting inspired by a love of street art and a love of Berlin. I’ll be using images of stencil graffiti in one of the most beautiful cities in the world to create a totally unique pattern on a thrift store buy. All you’ll need is a printer, an X-Acto knife, a white skirt, and some black fabric spray paint. The finished product will be urban and artsy. Stay tuned within the next week to see it uploaded with full instructions.

Illustrator Skirt


Turkey is a beautiful country in which many new fashion designers are popping up. And it definitely isn’t surprising, because in Turkey, there are so many interesting and beautiful things to take inspiration from. Turkey even has its own Istanbul Fashion Week, in which a ton of new designers showcase their amazing collections. In the month of November, I’ll be featuring seven different emerging designers from Turkey.  I’m definitely ready to learn more about Turkish designers and their culture, and I hope you are too.