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From Berlin with Love


The first DIY project on this blog has been inspired by a Nasty Gal skirt I recently fell in love with. I liked the idea of having a pattern made up of little illustrations, but wanted to mix it up. Instead, I’m getting inspired by a love of street art and a love of Berlin. I’ll be using images of stencil graffiti in one of the most beautiful cities in the world to create a totally unique pattern on a thrift store buy. All you’ll need is a printer, an X-Acto knife, a white skirt, and some black fabric spray paint. The finished product will be urban and artsy. Stay tuned within the next week to see it uploaded with full instructions.

Illustrator Skirt

Sheer Lunatic

Sheer Lunatic

One of the biggest trends of the season, sheer fabric, just happens to be one of my favorites. The versatility of using sheer fabric is endless. From organza to lace, designers and the high street have been utilizing the trend in skirts, shirts, dresses and accessories. One of my favorites, the sheer maxi makes for the perfect fall piece. Using sheer pieces in your wardrobe is a mark of the daring and the confident. My advice? Go for it. Play with your proportions and layer it up to create the perfect look. This is definitely a trend worth trying, so get out there and rock it.   


Punk Will Never Die


Punk has been around as a counter culture since its true emergence as a music genre in the 70s. It became a part of the rebellious youth culture of the world. As Kurt Cobain once said, “punk is musical freedom.” It’s all about being  anti-establishment and free thinking. This freedom of thought also made its imprint on fashion throughout the years. At the Met Gala a month ago this way of life was celebrated as people came to see the new Punk fashion exhibit at the museum. Spikes, leather, and general discord are all a part of the punk aesthetic, along with crazy hair, makeup, and even piercings. When I go to New York this summer I will definitely have to pay a visit to the Met to see the exhibit because it looks fantastic.

Paint the World

paint the world 1

paint the world 2

paint the world 3

Watercolor World Map No. 6

paint the world 5Check out these watercolor prints by artist Jessica Durrant. She is a lovely fashion illustrator and you can find her on Etsy. I truly am in love with her work.