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La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Be Mine

Be Mine

I personally love Valentine’s Day. Whether attached or not, it’s a day devoted entirely to showing your love for family, friends and significant other. I don’t even mind the commercialized concept. I find myself unable to wait for February to come just so I can see those roses and hearts, the reds and pinks invading. Get inspired by the day in your fashion choices by utilizing those reds and pinks. Try a more romantic look for date night (think lace and flowing fabrics). Or find some funky graphic pieces with Valentine related motifs, like lips, roses and hearts. I’m definitely a holiday person (if you can’t already tell). Are you?

Emerald City

emrald pics

Emerald is the new tangerine, according to Pantone Universe. Emerald has been selected as the color of the year by the Pantone color empire. And that’s a great thing for me because that means an emerald collection of makeup at Sephora, and a fresh crop of new emerald fashion. You see, when I was a little girl my mom ALWAYS said that emerald was the color for red heads, so it suits me perfectly. 

Fantasy Land

alice and olivia

Alice & Olivia’s Fall collection shown at New York Fashion Week was fantastic. It was as if by looking at the presentation you were immediately sent to a magical and fantastical land. The details in the collection were very, it seemed, baroque inspired. The whole presentation looked regal. Not to mention the amazing accessories.  I’m in love with the zebra bag, it reminds me of my childhood because I had a cute little beaded coin purse in the shape of a panda bear. The designers really hit it out of the park this year with their playful, youthful pieces. I would buy this entire collection if I could. So, what do you guys think?



One of my favorite hairstyles right now are braids. Although I am completely braid challenged (I have absolutely no hand or finger coordination), I love to admire them. There are so many ways to style braids. They are just so versatile. Side braids, up-dos, waterfall, fishtail, french, there are so many things you can do. They are also very popular on the runway. My personal favorites are messy, loose side braids (they go great with my pink dip-dyed hair). So you obviously you know I love the trend, do you?


Winter Essentials