The Little Slip Dress

Trend Slipdress

One of my favorite recent trends is the slip dress. They’ve made appearances on numerous runways and are in stores everywhere. These beauties are great paired with a leather jacket and chunky platforms. This is an easy trend to rock. Whether in a pattern or bold color, slip dresses offer a daring look. Their simplicity is paired with exquisite detail; sheer overlay, embroidery, and lace applique give a feminine touch. These dresses are the perfect combination of sweet and sultry. They would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

slip dress5


Hear Me Roar


La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

From Berlin with Love


The first DIY project on this blog has been inspired by a Nasty Gal skirt I recently fell in love with. I liked the idea of having a pattern made up of little illustrations, but wanted to mix it up. Instead, I’m getting inspired by a love of street art and a love of Berlin. I’ll be using images of stencil graffiti in one of the most beautiful cities in the world to create a totally unique pattern on a thrift store buy. All you’ll need is a printer, an X-Acto knife, a white skirt, and some black fabric spray paint. The finished product will be urban and artsy. Stay tuned within the next week to see it uploaded with full instructions.

Illustrator Skirt

Give Me Love

Give Me Love

Be Mine

Be Mine

I personally love Valentine’s Day. Whether attached or not, it’s a day devoted entirely to showing your love for family, friends and significant other. I don’t even mind the commercialized concept. I find myself unable to wait for February to come just so I can see those roses and hearts, the reds and pinks invading. Get inspired by the day in your fashion choices by utilizing those reds and pinks. Try a more romantic look for date night (think lace and flowing fabrics). Or find some funky graphic pieces with Valentine related motifs, like lips, roses and hearts. I’m definitely a holiday person (if you can’t already tell). Are you?